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By bike

Through the cycle network, the cycling trips are made faster, simpler and safer, making the competitive half than the other.

The city is crossed by several cycling routes, some on exclusive venue, more promiscuous, which allow you to navigate with practicality; some runs result highly suggestive thanks to the fact that they allow you to visit places starting from the city center.

The new intermodal services promoted by the region are active. They are offering to cyclists the opportunity to use public transport without ever giving up to the bike.

AlpeAdria Radweg

Udine is the last stage of the fantastic AlpeAdria Radweg Cycle Path, elected in 2015 as the "best cycling track in Europe" and which runs in part on the route of the old disused railway line up to the Adriatic Sea.

If you love cycling, and you can treat yourself at least a week's holiday, the bike lane between Italy and Austria Alpe Adria Radweg could greatly satisfy your desire to ride and visit tourist attractions along the way.

The stages:Salzburg - Bischofshofen

Bischofshofen - Bad Gastein / Mallnitz
Bad Gastein / Mallnitz - Spittal an der Drau
Spittal - Villach
Villach - Tarvisio
Tarvisio - Venzone
Venzone - Udine
Udine - Grado

The city is also crossed by several cycling routes, some of exclusive venue, more promiscuous, which allow you to navigate with ease.

The route crosses Molin Nuovo (Udine), Cavalicco, Adegliacco (Tavagnacco), Rizzolo, Reana del Rojale, Valley, Vergnacco, Zompitta (Reana).

Departure from the center of Molin Nuovo (Udine).

Length: About 10 km.

Cycling easy, signposted, with the bottom almost always on gravel for the bicycle path, almost exclusively reserved for bicycles or farm wagons. In Rizzolo you can follow a variation on white road but it is better to cross the country to be able to see the different mills along the canal. In Zompitta it can be found the reservoir with the outlets of the irrigation ditches. 

From Zompitta it also starts a connection for the bicycle path "Ippovia".

Ippovia Udine - Buia

The route also passes through the municipality of Tavagnacco, Pagnacco, Tricesimo, Cassacco, Treppo and Buia.

Departure from the park Cormor in Udine, return are total 44 km.

The lower part of the path, till the wee hills, is nearly in a parallel plane on dirt roads to the creek Cormor.

More but never excessive unevenness in the upper part. The final stretch of the hippo provides for the avoidance of a hill. For a return to Udine through the same path it is suggested to close the ring bypassed hill to spare some climbing. This involves the passage of a small stretch of the busy streets.