Visit Udine

To browse the Internet using UDINEFREE you should:
• Go to one of the town's areas where there the public Wi-Fi network UDINEFREE is available.
• Enable Wi-Fi on your mobile device (laptops, smartphones, tablets).
• Look for the UDINEFREE Wi-Fi network and connect.
• Launch the web browser and register on the UDINEFREE portal page providing your mobile phone number.
If you have an Android device equipped with a SIM card enabled for data transmission, you can download the “BabelTEN" Android app from Google Play which allows you to carry out automatic authentication to the UDINEFREE Wi-Fi network.

Federated networks with UDINEFREE:
Thanks to the affiliation network "Free Italy Wi-Fi", the UDINEFREE network can offer the possibility to navigate using connections in many places in the region, including a number of local authority buildings and the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia building. Finally, thanks to affiliations with the "Eduroam" and "Idem-Garr" networks, it will be possible for the university population to browse the web within service coverage areas using the credentials in their possession.

How much does it cost?:
Access to and use of the service are free of charge and enable Web browsing for a maximum duration of 4 hours (not necessarily consecutively) and a generated traffic that should not exceed 300Mb (daily)