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UdineVicina is the town of Udine’s official mobile application - managed by the Office of Innovation project - conceived as a hub of information about the town and available on smartphones; it does not only host information and services offered by the town itself, but also gives information about the interactive services offered by partners such as: Net, Saf, Ssm, Turismo FVG and BiciInCittà.

The application acts as a source of information both for tourists - who can refer to the "routes" section having a chance to discover the 9 tourist trails within the town and providing access to over 70 points of interest - but also for citizens who, thanks to the network of collaboration with different partners that is in continuous expansion, can access traffic information about timetables and public transport journeys, as well as events dedicated to children and teenagers and information on waste collection and much more.

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Easy UD l'applicazione dell'Università degli Studi di Udine

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