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Those wanting to visit the green areas of the town and enjoy a little outdoor relaxation will certainly find plenty of space in the Cormor Park, which covers approximately 30 hectares. It is situated in the outer area to ​​the north-west of the Friulian capital, close to large structures of regional interest such as the Stadio "Friuli", the Sporting arena, the Trade Fair Centre and the “Città Fiera” shopping Mall. The right bank of the Cormor, which is the largest watercourse of all the moraine hills of Udine, embraces the entire length of the park. The natural environment, which saw the project develop in the nineties, is characterised by a large floodplain area similar to the magredi and by "erosion terraces" that are typical of river valleys in gravelly soils. Much of the area has been subject to an intense work of resettlement and environmental restoration.

The Giardino Ricasoli are highly appreciated within the town centre, located in front of Palazzo Belgrado in Piazza del Patriarcato: the garden is surrounded by the Palma canal and covers almost 9,000 square metres over two ancient mounts which are likely to have originally been part of a fort and partly resulting from the excavation of the canal itself. With its rather irregular shape, Giardino Ricasoli allows visitors to take diverse paths, immersed in the shade of lush greenery and dotted with bright flowerbeds. The area, in fact, stands on a gently sloping terrain, which rises from piazza Patriarcato and reaches its maximum height at the monument of Victor Emmanuel II.

The Memorial Park at the bottom of viale della Vittoria, opened in 1924, within the triumphalist climate of the first world war. Here the triumphal arch in Elaeagnus x ebbingei - designed by Ettore Gilberti - presents itself as a solemn point of access to the park, created along a stretch of the old city walls torn down at the beginning of the twentieth century. The park has an elongated shape and extends over 20,000 square metres between Piazzale Osoppo and Piazzale Oberdan, along via Diaz.

We should also bring your attention to the Moretti Park, adjacent to Piazzale XXVI Luglio, a green lung covering 67,000 square meters, where the glorious Moretti stadium once stood over to the park on Castle hill and, Piazza Primo Maggio at its feet.

The Giardino del Torso covers an area of ​​about 3,300 square metres and one can distinguish intentions to build a geometrically ordered play area, in the space between the loggia and Palazzo del Torso where there is an underground bomb shelter, which was reopened following restoration of the garden. Women, the elderly, children and men sought shelter inside this bunker, built in 1943, during hundreds of alarms while bombers flew over the town.