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"V. Joppi” Library

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"V. Joppi” Library
The "Vincenzo Joppi” Public Library was established in 1864, and takes its name from the first librarian who directed it very efficiently and with great expertise. It was opened to the public, in today's Palazzo Bartolini, in 1866.

A highly prestigious cultural institution, which thanks to the work of another great librarian, Giovanni Battista Corgnali, has made the “Joppi” over time, the symbolic library of Friulian culture and today it boasts a heritage of more than 560,000 documents, including books, periodicals, manuscripts, microfilm, CDs and DVDs.

The library has undergone a major renovation since the 1990s, not so much in its facilities, apart from the large "Corgnali" room and the spacious storeroom underneath, but in its internal rooms, with the specialisation of a number of different annexes such as the Friulian Annex, the Rare and Manuscript annex, the Modern Annex, the Children’s Annex and the Music Annex.

The constant availability of books and magazines together with materials from the multimedia library is ensured by Udine and its hinterland library system (SBHU), which includes a catalogue of more than 600,000 documents.

Satisfying the public of all ages, from the oldest to the youngest, is the library’s guaranteed goal.