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The origins of the stream of Palma dates back to the end of the twelfth century with the deviation of the Torre stream. After crossing the city center the water reaches Cussignacco and Paparotti villages. In Via dei Molini a small rural complex rises with the old mill dating back to 1274. In the fraction of Godia is clearly visible another mill, dating back to the XV-XVI century, owned by the Coiutti family. On the opposite side of the canal it is situated the old anvil of Cossutti family.

In the neighboring town of Reana del Rojale it is visible, in the fraction of Valle, the mill of Di Giusto family. The family Di Giusto and the mill have always been known through the name of Segat or "Quel di Segàt" beacuse of their sawmill that existed even before the starting of grinding activity. The proof of this fact is the ancient name of the Way in which the Mill is located: Via Segat, in Valle of Reana. Until the '70, inside the mill there was also a permanent threshing instrument for the grinding of wheat and barley, to complete the grinding service given to the local peasantry.